Life Is Shaped
By Light.

Here at KOZE Health, we are unified by this one belief…Light is transformational, and a transformed life is a transformed world.

We know the power that light can have on human potential. Science has proven in 3000+ studies the countless physical and mental benefits that light can have on us.

When our bodies are functioning at their best, we show up better in life. Our vision for what we want becomes grander and what we didn't think was possible before becomes possible.

Our mission is to impact the world in a positive way by helping transform lives through the power of light. Our method is by offering the safest, most innovative and effective light therapy devices in the world.

When you purchase a KOZE product, you are partnering with us in a movement of transformation, one life at a time.

KOZE Health is USA based company.

Company Address:

401 Ryland St. STE 200-A
Reno, NV 89502

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