KOZE Sleep - Double pack
KOZE Sleep - Double pack
KOZE Sleep - Double pack
KOZE Sleep - Double pack
KOZE Sleep - Double pack
KOZE Sleep - Double pack

KOZE Sleep - Double pack

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Our soft, gentle amber light blocks 99.9% of toxic blue light to help maintain your natural circadian rhythm. Using technology studied by NASA to help astronauts sleep in space, KOZE Sleep Bulb uses a unique light spectrum, allowing you to produce melatonin optimally, sleeping better and waking more refreshed. 

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Brightness: 300 Lumens Bulb

Watt: 3.5 Watts Color

Temperature: 1600 KLight

Appearance: Candle Light

Life: 22.83 years (Based on 3 hrs/per day)

Life Hours: 25,000 Hours

Bulb Size: A19

Bulb Base: E26

Energy Cost: $0.36 Estimated Yearly Cost (Based on 3 hrs/per day)

Shatter Resistant

Flicker Free

2 Year Warranty

Return Period: 60 days

- (2) KOZE Sleep Bulb

- Standard E26 Bulb Base

- A19 Bulb Shape

- Install in lamp or other lighting source.

- Turn on after sunset or 1-2 hours before bedtime.

- To optimize results, limit or turn off all electronics 1-2 hours before bedtime.

- Sleep works best in complete darkness. Use KOZE Sleep Bulb up from sunset to bedtime.

- At bedtime, turn off KOZE Sleep Bulb. 

The Light You See At Night, Matters.

Common household lighting contains a blue light spectrum that tricks our brains into thinking it is still daytime. Exposing our eyes and skin to this light at night causes poor sleep quality by delaying melatonin release, the hormone that helps us fall into a deep sleep. KOZE Sleep Bulb is blue light free, helping your body ease into sleep naturally, optimizing health, energy and mental well-being. 

Blocks 99,9%
of Toxic Blue Light

Melatonin Release

Maintain Natural
Circadian Rhythm




Light For The Little Ones

Kids and babies are especially sensitive to light environments. KOZE Sleep Bulb can be used as a nursery light or pre-bed light to maintain an optimal sleep cycle.

Long Bulb Life & Easy To Use

With a 25,000 hour bulb life, this bulb with last you almost 23 years, making KOZE Sleep Bulb a better investment than regular light bulbs. Our bulbs have an E26 bulb base that fits most standard lighting fixtures. Just install as you would a normal bulb and turn on from sunset to bedtime.

Sleep Deeper, Wake
More Rested

Lack of deep, restful sleep can cause a long list of health problems, from sickness and disease to low energy, bad moods and poor decision making. Optimizing your light environment can help you sleep deeper and longer with fewer nighttime wakeups.

25,000+ HOUR Life

Long-lasting bulb life


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60 Day Trial

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No. Please do not sleep with the light bulb turned on or any light from a TV or device. Any light present during sleep can inhibit the release of melatonin. Our suggestion is to use KOZE Sleep Bulb from sunset to bedtime. Turn off when you go to sleep.

Yes, absolutely! Kids and babies are especially sensitive to light environments. Using the right light at night for our little ones can optimize their sleep cycles.

KOZE Sleep Bulb is truly unique! Using technology studied by NASA to help astronauts sleep in space, KOZE Sleep Bulb uses a unique light spectrum not found in common household bulbs. Our bulbs are also rated to last almost 23 years with a yearly energy cost of only $0.36, making this bulb cheaper than other LEDs in the long run.

The orange, amber glow from the bulb is caused by the absence of the blue light spectrum. The color mimics what you would see from the sun at sunset or even the light from a burning candle. This light spectrum has been shown not to inhibit the production of melatonin.

Because we recommend using only KOZE Sleep Bulb at night and not other lighting sources, you will need to plan how you will set up your personal lighting environment. Having specific lighting sources used only at night like table lamps and floor lamps can optimize the experience. Once the sunsets, turn off regular lighting and turn on the lighting sources using KOZE Sleep Bulb. Use until bedtime, and turn off when it's time to sleep.




KOZE LED bulbs contain zero blue light waves, making them the ideal night light. KOZE bulbs have an E26 base to fit the most common household light fixtures with a 25,000-hour bulb life — it'll last you a lifetime.

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